Social impact

georgiana poieniWhen you invest in healthy, safe vegetables for your family – you are also making sure that the twelve children in the care of AMURTEL’s residential home “AMURTEL Family” receive fresh vegetables as well!  Indeed, one of the main reasons AMURTEL cultivates vegetables is in order to feed our children!  The children are aged 6-17 and are placed into AMURTEL’s care after having been removed from situations of abuse and neglect.  You can find out more about the children and even become a sponsor for one of them by  visiting our website here.

You also are helping the environment, as the CSA system promotes biodiversity, compared to large monocultural farms.  Not to mention that your food is only traveling about 100 km instead of the estimated average of 1500 to get from the farm to your plate. That is a lot of extra savings in fuel, making your “carbon footprint” much more eco-friendly!

Supporting local small farms also helps to maintain the traditional rural village culture in Romania. It is also providing job opportunities to two wonderful, very hardworking local women, Cristina and Daniela.  They put all of their heart into growing your food!   This helps to support the local, rural economy.

In addition, the farm provides the children from AMURTEL Family an opportunity to actively learn about nature and to participate in growing and harvesting their own food.  As they grow up, in their teenage years, the farm also provides practical life skills training as we prepare them to be ready for the job market and to integrate well into the responsibilities of adulthood when they leave the care system.

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