Why a vegetable basket?

See what our baskets look like by clicking on these photos from past deliveries:

  • Safe, fresh vegetables delivered to your home, help you to stay safe during COVID and all season!
  • Eat seasonal locally grown organic vegetables to optimize your health!
  • Straight from the garden to your table!
  • Secure your place with a stable price all season
  • Get to know the farmers growing your food
  • Ensure nutritious food for children living at AMURTEL Family children’s home

Love for your family means to offer them the best you can. Nothing is more precious than the health of you and your loved ones. That is why we are bringing a basket of organic vegetables, directly from our garden to your table.

What does a basket contain?

Baskets contain the seasonal vegetables that have ripened in that week, and are fairly divided between the baskets, so if picking up from a delivery point, you can pick any of the baskets.

The contents of the basket varies according to the season, as well as quantities. We start deliveries sometimes with just a few tomatoes for example for a week or two, until we are able to reach the full production of 2 kg per client. In the contract however, we describe the quantities we aim to reach during the season.  Sometimes when we have a particularly good harvest, we add extra quantities to compensate for the smaller amounts at the beginning, and we also like to add surprises, not listed in the contract (walnuts, fruits..) when available.

To give you an idea of the vegetables and quantities, here are a few examples, keeping in mind that quantities vary depending on the timing of the season – less at the beginning, and extra at the peak:


Our small team preparing the baskets for delivery!

Our small team preparing the baskets for delivery!

May (4 baskets)

Green lettuce (4), baby spinach (100g), rucola (100g), red radishes (2 bunches), green onions (2 bunches), spring garlic (1 bunch), *nettles / sorrel/ orach (500 g), herbs (parsley, dill or coriander leaves) (1 bunch);

August (5 baskets)

Tomatoes (2 kg), cherry tomatoes (250-500g), cucumbers (1 kg), sweet peppers (500g), zucchini (2 pieces), eggplants (1 kg), fennel (1 piece), purple turnips, herbs, aromatic herbal bouquet (oregano, basil, thyme);

October (4 baskets)

Cherry tomatoes (250-500 g), peppers (500 g), potatoes (1 kg), cabbage (1), brussel sprouts (500 g – 1 delivery), winter squash (1), zucchini (2 pieces) green onions (2 bunches), carrots (6), beetroot (500g), onions  (500 g- at the end of the month), herbs;

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Extra benefits!

You are also putting food on the table of AMURTEL Family as one of our season partners!

You are also putting food on the table of AMURTEL Family as one of our season partners!

When you sign up for a season of vegetable baskets, in addition to making a healthy choice for you and your loved ones there are other reasons that make this a particularly satisfying choice.  As a member of our  CSA, you will not only be supporting local agriculture, biodiversity and the rural economy – you will also be ensuring that the 11 children aged 5-11 growing up at AMURTEL Family Children’s Home  have fresh vegetables from the farm on their table too!  Being a member of AMURTEL Bio Garden means becoming part of our extended family of supporters, and it is our pleasure to keep you well fed.

Are the vegetables organic?

Yes, Grădina Bio AMURTEL is organically certified by Bioagricert, an Italian certification organism. This means we do not use artificial, petrol based pesticides and fertilisers, respecting all the requirements for organic certification.  Our seeds are either organically certified, from our own production, or untreated.

How will I receive my basket?

During the 2022 season, due to COVID-19, we will be delivering primarily directly to home addresses, for an additional cost.  However, we still have two delivery points that are free (Vanfruct and Morningstar – find out more here. )

* We will send you a reminder and we ask you to respect a no-contact rule this season, which means leaving your empty basket at the front door during the delivery day for exchange with the new basket.  Baskets are carefully disinfected before re-use , and left untouched for a week, as re-using the baskets is part of our environmental mission to reduce waste.  We will have paper bags available for those that prefer that option.

If I am living alone, or unable to consume a full basket can I get a smaller one?

Yes! The Family Basket is estimated for about 2-3 adults or a small family with 1-2 young children. However, we now also have available the option of a Small Basket which is designed for singles or couples that don’t cook as much. The quantities are approximately half of a full basket.  You can also sign up with a neighbour or friend, and split a basket.

Where is the farm and who grows my vegetables?

Children from AMURTEL Family learning hands-on about growing vegetables!

Children from AMURTEL Family learning hands-on about growing vegetables!

The farm is in Buzau county, in the village of Poieni on the DN10, about 45 km from Valenii de Munte. The farm has a bit less than 1 hectare and 1200 m of greenhouses, without heating, so it can produce up until December.   It is about 15 minutes by car to the AMURTEL Family children’s home.  We welcome visitors and if you come, you can also meet the children you are helping to feed.

Cristina and Daniela are our hardworking farmers, growing your vegetables and preparing your baskets.  They have been friends and neighbors most of their lives, and make a great team.

How much does it cost to become a season partner?

We offer partnership subscriptions to the whole season, or a part of the season rather than selling individual vegetables or baskets. In order to have access to safe, fresh vegetables, all season, consumers of a CSA (community supported agriculture) secure their place with an advance payment. This covers the initial investment made by the farmer.  The rest of the costs can be paid in equal instalments throughout the season.  The price is calculated at the beginning of the season and does not fluctuate.

  • Family Basket (35 baskets from April – December): Medium price/basket: 80 RON (92 with home delivery)
  • Supergreen Basket (35 baskets from April – December with an extra kale & swiss chard/basket when in season): Medium price/basket: 82 RON (94 with home delivery)
  • Mignon Basket (35 baskets from April – December for 1-2 people)Medium price/basket: 62 RON (74 with home delivery)
  • Mignon Supergreen Basket (35 baskets from April – December for 1-2 people with an extra kale & swiss chard/basket when in season): Medium price/basket: 65 RON (77 with home delivery)
  • Spring-Summer Season (April – August 4 months): Medium price/basket: 88 RON (100 with home delivery) 
  • Summer-Autumn Season (June – September 4 months): Medium price/basket: 88 RON (100 with home delivery) 
  • Autumn-Winter Harvest (September – December 4 months): Medium price/basket: 88 RON (100 with home delivery)

How do I pay?

The advance payment is paid by bank transfer before the first delivery, to ensure your spot throughout the whole season.  You can then pay the remaining balance in 8 equal payments at the end of each month by bank transfer.  Or you can also opt to pay for the entire subscription in one or two payments.


The solidarity contract is signed and sent by scan or WhatsApp and we send you back a signed copy.

AMURTEL Bio Contract 2022

Feedback from a client:

“[Being a member of the CSA] makes me feel like I am in a big family, it gives me a sense of belonging and that someone is taking care of me.  Each basket is a delight, especially when there are surprise vegetables which make me happy like a child!

Sign up now!!

Our land can only grow enough food for 40 baskets – 5 of which are reserved for our two social projects.  So, make sure to reserve your place now, if you want to be sure to have a secure source of vegetables for the whole season!

It is easy to sign up – give us a call to verify if we can deliver to your neighbourhood and to ask any questions about the system.  Then sign a contract and pay your advance payment to reserve your place for the whole season. We begin deliveries only after the advance has been received.

Tel: ‭(0743) 161 757‬ – Laura or by email:

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