What is Gradina Bio AMURTEL?

You can put fresh organic vegetables on the table for children in need of the safety, care, protection and educational programs of the NGO AMURTEL Romania.  By sponsoring the farm, you are directly giving them healthy food.

Gradina Bio AMURTEL began in 2013, and for 10 years operated as a Community Supported Agriculture project, delivering weekly baskets of vegetables to a group of supporters in Bucharest in Buzau.

At the moment, the focus of the farm is shifting to guarantee the food security and sustainability of  AMURTEL’s two main social projects for children in the nearby village of Panatau.  The AMURTEL Family is home to 12 children that were taken out of situations of neglect or abuse, and the Fountain of Hope Social Center provides hot meals, homework support and extracurricular activities to 25 disadvantaged schoolchildren from the village.

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The farm is also now becoming a model of regenerative agriculture practices, thanks to funding from Auchan and a dedicated group of volunteers from the University of Horticulture in Bucharest.

In the near future, the farm will host Erasmus exchanges, permaculture trainings and promote sustainable practices.


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