We are opening registrations at the Orchard School!

Bucharest, July 22nd, 2022

“The Orchard School – we work with Nature!” is an educational and practical initiative, dedicated to HEALTHY AND ACCESSIBLE FOOD, WHICH DEVELOPS SOCIAL LINKS, implemented by Livada Comunitara Mărțișor in partnership with AMURTEL Romania and Auchan RETAIL Romania.

The project will run until the end of 2023 and will create a bridge between 2 communities: urban Bucharest (in particular the Livada Comunitara Marțișor community in sector 4) and rural Buzău (in particular the community on the Buzău River valley, Poieni – Pănătău).

The project combines practical, educational and personal transformation activities for harmonious individual living in sustainable and resilient communities.

Also, throughout the duration of the project, we will support regeneration activities of the orchards located in the space of the Mărțișor Memorial House Bucharest museum and the vegetable farm of Grădina Bio Amurtel Poieni in Buzău.

This new holistic approach is necessary in the context of the challenges we are facing at all levels: personal, ecological, educational, social, economic.

Through the project, we offer a pleasant learning environment, through experiences close to nature, found in the philosophy of permaculture. We start from ourselves as part of nature, connect with the community in our proximity and actively solve society’s problems with available resources: we reduce waste and carbon footprint, get to know and honor biodiversity, weave healthy social bonds and make the transition from passive consumers to proactive citizens who create abundance, find flexible solutions and are open to lifelong learning for a better life and world.

We believe that the adults, responsible for raising the little ones (parents, grandparents, teachers, caregivers), represent a critical mass to start this transformational journey, in which they will rediscover the value of interpersonal relationships in the local community, the cause-effect relationship to solve a certain situation , the beauty of applied natural sciences, with the ultimate goal of planting the seed of societal healing through resilience and inclusion.

We are opening registrations for beneficiaries: 30 children (7-12 years old), 15 adults, 15 teachers from Bucharest and Buzău, volunteers and students of the Faculty of Horticulture from Bucharest!

Apply here by August 20, 2022 to:

– practice healthy and conscious habits on a personal and collective level, through a holistic approach with respect for body-mind-spirit-nature

– have experiences that will help you change your lifestyle and that will contribute to build conscious and sustainable communities

– learn to better know your needs as part of nature, to relate to other members and to protect nature, working together and with pleasure with nature to create abundance and produce food, in harmony with all beings.

The project will follow the principles of permaculture: caring for people, for the earth’s resources and for other beings, through the equitable sharing of resources.

Educational and practical sessions held monthly (August 2022 – March 2023) by passionate trainers:

  1. healthy body: we gain a state of well-being for our health and the health of the earth by moving in nature, dancing, sports
  2. balanced spirit and healthy mind: through meditation, yoga and quality sleep
  3. quality time through art and culture: we spend quality time in proximity areas (small carbon footprint) through artistic and cultural activities
  4. healthy plant-based food, locally sourced, without waste: we adopt a nutritious diet based on plants, fruits, vegetables, etc. imperfect, as natural as possible, ingenious recipes, with low environmental impact, as little waste as possible, without packaging, local, seasonal, eaten as raw as possible
  5. we protect natural resources: we become responsible consumers aiming for zero waste and food waste: refuse-reduce-reuse-recycle-compost; we preserve food, buy and prepare economically and sparingly, keeping as many vitamins, minerals, nutrients,
  6. we grow food in a system of permaculture and regenerative agriculture: we learn from nature and work with it, to produce healthy plant food together, through a permacultural approach, with respect for every being, maximizing production with the minimum of resources and zero-waste
  7. we get involved in the community: we take the step towards becoming leaders for a healthy society, through eco-entrepreneurship projects.

As a beneficiary of the project you will enjoy the following:

  • participation in practical educational sessions for personal, professional, eco-entrepreneurial development
  • access to information and educational materials dedicated to the project created by experts
  • access to a living community and educational resources exposed on the digital communication group
  • support for the implementation of project ideas in mini-teams (child – parent – ​​teaching staff – horticulture student)
  • the opportunity to apply to a competition and win one of 2 prizes for your community: setting up an edible garden and/or composting space
  • participation in the educational camp in an area as natural as possible in Buzău county.

Throughout the project we will work with  volunteers from the local community and students from the Faculty of Horticulture Bucharest, in events with practical activities, in the orchard from Mărțișor – Bucharest and the vegetable garden from Poieni – Buzău. We are waiting for entries in the same form.

We thank all the partners who support the project: the National Museum of Romanian Literature, the Bucharest Community Foundation, the Faculty of Horticulture Bucharest, AMURTEL Romania, Auchan Retail Romania.

Registration form here: https://forms.gle/9gniHCcVYv5qo7mAA

Details of project partners “The Orchard School – we work with Nature!”:






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