Kale Smoothie

How to get children to eat – or drink – green vegetables?

Green smoothies are amazing – they curb sugar cravings, nourish both body and brain and give lots of energy! They are also a great way to introduce children to eating greens!

Many people are skeptical that children will ever eat anything green. However, this is a recipe that has been tested on 50 children – who not only loved it – but who would fight to have seconds!

The secret to a delicious green smoothie is to blend, blend, blend.  If it isn’t blended enough – then it will have a rough texture which isn’t very appealing. Another secret are the frozen bananas which add a smooth, ice-cream like texture.


Kale is an extremely nutrient dense green vegetable. Indeed, it is considered a “super-food” – with one of the highest concentrations of anti-oxidents of any vegetable.

Kale is delicious lightly sauted or steamed, which brings out its unique flavour, however some vitamins are destroyed in the process. In a smoothie, however, the raw kale preserves all of its vitamins in an easy to absorb nutritional power boost!


  • 355 ml apple juice
  • 3 frozen bananas
  • 3-4 kale leafs (with the stem removed)

kale smoothie

Whenever you have bananas that are starting to becoming too ripe – then peel them and wrap in plastic, and put in the freezer. Within a few hours they will be frozen and ready to use for smoothies!

First put the kale and apple juice in a blender and blend until the kale is extremely fine. Then add the bananas and blend to a creamy consistency.

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