Introducing Super Greens – Swiss Chard and Kale!

Starting in 2013,  Gradina Bio AMURTEL was one of the first bio producers to introduce two green leafy vegetables that are were until that moment rare and almost unheard of in the Romanian market – kale (a hardy cousin of cabbage and broccoli) and swiss chard ( a leafy cousin of beetroot). They are both extremely rich in vitamins and quite tasty!

Both are best enjoyed lightly steamed, sauteed, or in casseroles, lasagnas, or vegetable quiches and tarts. Kale is also a popular addition to fresh juices and smoothies, as it is so rich in vitamins. For those that love these harder to find vegetables, we have created the “Super Green” basket, that includes an extra bunch of swiss chard and kale throughout their growing season (starting late May usually).

Kale is especially dense in nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K.  It is an excellent, low calorie, natural way to increase the nutrition in your diet!

Swiss Chard is a good source of potassium, magnesium and minerals important for maintaining healthy blood pressure. Both leafy greens are important sources of chloraphyll which helps to purify the blood and promote a healthy immune system.

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