How to sign up?

cristina smiling1. Download the contract and read it carefully, so that you fully understand the solidarity partnership that you are entering into. Being a member of a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm isn’t a typical commercial relationship. We want to build a strong foundation of reciprocal trust and respect with each of our consumers from the beginning, and to know you personally.

2. Call to us at 0743 161 757 or write to us by email:   Let us know any questions that you have about the system. We also need to know your address, to see if it is on our delivery route.

3. Fill out the contract – select the type of basket you want and delivery point. Sign the contract and send by whatsapp or email.

4. Pay the advance payment to secure your place in the partnership for the whole season. This advance covers the investments we make at the beginning of the season – for ploughing, seeds, seedlings, salaries, etc. and thus is not refundable. Send us the OP, so we can confirm your place in the partnership and add you to our delivery list!

5. Start receiving fresh, seasonal vegetables safely delivered to your home or a delivery point!

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