For 10 years, Grădina Bio AMURTEL has been bringing safety to vulnerable children in Buzau County and health on the tables of subscribers

Grădina Bio AMURTEL is launching the registration for the weekly subscriptions with fresh goodies from the 2022 agricultural season. Deliveries start at the beginning of May, and details about benefits and subscriptions can be found here.

For 10 years, nutritious vegetables have been brought on the table of both subscribers and children from the AMURTEL Family’s Residential Center


This year, at Grădina Bio AMURTEL, we celebrate 10 years since we’ve been growing fresh vegetables for our subscribers and for the disadvantaged children of the AMURTEL Family. When a customer buys a subscription with fresh vegetables from us, a few more baskets go to the AMURTEL Family’s Residential Center in the nearby village of Pănătău, where 12 children live in search of a better future. These children come from disadvantaged backgrounds which are marked by extreme poverty, abuse, neglect and abandonment, and here they are finally cared for and healed. So, when a customer subscribes to Grădina Bio AMURTEL for an entire agricultural season, they automatically become part of the extended AMURTEL Family and the circle of love and support for these children whom they help benefit from education, a happy childhood and a bright future.

Healthy food, home cooking opportunities and a sustainable lifestyle


Each weekly basket reaches the table of our subscribers with organic vegetables specific to each season and with lots of opportunities to be creative at home, in their own kitchen. Thus, in addition to the benefit of truly vitamin-rich and completely chemical-free vegetables, the subscriber also takes an important step towards a more sustainable life. Cooking at home means less energy consumption and less disposable waste. Also, the production of vegetables from Grădina Bio is local and without intermediaries, and the road to the homes of our community’s members (Buzău County – Bucharest / Buzău) is a short one, making the whole process environmentally friendly.

The weekly subscriptions to Grădina Bio bring our customers closer to those who grow the vegetables

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Unlike the vegetables purchased in the supermarket, those grown at Grădina Bio AMURTEL bring the story of the people who make a living from this social business to our customers’ homes. Cristina and Daniela have been neighbors and good friends since they were children, and this year they are celebrating 10 years since they grow organic vegetables at Grădina Bio. Thus, each purchased subscription brings the customers of Grădina Bio close to these two hard working women who grow their vegetables and supports a better life, both for them and implicitly for the rural community they belong to in Buzău County.

The 2022 agricultural season starts in May at Grădina Bio

DSC05024From the beginning of May until December, organic vegetables arrive every Wednesday to your house, by home delivery or free pick-up from our designated points. Details about each basket, about the delivery, as well as the contract to be part of our small Grădina Bio community can be found on It is also possible to order a single test basket at a reduced price.[:]

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