First place prize from in “Your Choice” competition

IMG_1024On September xxx, 2015 AMURTEL received the first prize in UniCredit Tiriac’s “Your Choice” competition, which involved employees of the bank in choosing a meritorious social enterprise to support.  As the local manager of the social enterprise from Panatau, Ghinea Gabriela stated in her characteristically jovial way, “After several years of hard work – we deserved at last to receive a prize!” Indeed, the social enterprise was initiated  started only with the support of our first group of clients, organized by our volunteer and expert consultant agronomist Gabi Corbu, without any European funds, and has required a lot of dedication and hard work in order to become successful.

This new  prize of 5000 euros will be utilized to invest in a new, more resistant, professional greenhouse, increasing producitivity and thus the sustainability long term of the enterprise.  The AMURTEL Bio Garden has been operating since 2011 (?) and is its 4th season, currently delivering weekly baskets of seasonal organic vegetables to a consumer group of 35 clients in Bucharest.  It has also given opportunities to the young people of Familia AMURTEL to gain work experience and has created two jobs for local women.

AMURTEL did receive a similar prize for its business plan from the Prometheus project run by FDSC in 2013 which was used to set up the first greenhouses  and a grant from the Autonomous Province of Bolzano Italia  in 2013 in order to set up an irrigation system. Amici Nel Mondo from Italy also helped us build a new greenhouse after one collapsed in heavy snowstorms

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