Fighting Garden Pests Naturally

All gardeners love to share the results of their labors with others — except, that is, when it comes to common garden pests.

No garden is free of pests and disease. Fungal infections, caterpillars, beetles, dogs – the list of potential problems is seemingly endless. Fortunately, we can fight back against these predators without risking our health or spending a fortune.

We love to help plants grow naturally, without any pesticides or other chemicals that can harm them.

This week we encountered a small problem: garden pests. There are some bugs who love to eat our salads and we had to invite them out from our garden. We’ve prepared a macerate from chilli peppers and pepper and we treat the salads every day.

All we have to do from now on is to continue being alert and take care of the plants with love.

Here you have also some pictures from our garden this week.

DSC02421 DSC02422 DSC02423


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