ERASMUS+ experiences in 2023 in the wonderful Ananda Kalyani regenerative community

This year we participated in two experiences that will help our social garden – AMURTEL Bio Garden in the transition to a regenerative model of fruit and vegetable production, education and community. Thanks to our Ananda Kalyani partners in Portugal!

Connecting Experiences, June 2023

We were happy to have participated in this project in Portugal where we benefited from the “Connecting Experiences” Training Course for authentic connection between young people in Europe and beyond.

We learned how to write successful Erasmus+ projects for the youth.

We enjoyed camping in nature, meditated by a beautiful river, swam in it, and experienced what it’s like to live in a sustainable community.

These were just some of the benefits we got from attending this 7-day training, held from June 22-28, 2023, at the Ananda Kalyani Regenerative Community in Portugal.

We were 11 participants from 9 organizations from Denmark, Malta, Italy, Romania, Portugal and Greece. One of the objectives of this project was to strengthen the cooperation between the various Ananda Marga projects in Europe, which was successfully achieved.

Thank you to everyone involved in organizing and facilitating the event!

Photos can be found here.



Footprints, July-August 2023

At the end of July a team of young volunteers from Romania joined the Footprints Youth Exchange Erasmus+ project which took place in a wonderful natural setting supported by our partner from Portugal Ananda Kalyani.

We understood the need to change the way we live and applied some daily practices to live together in a better world:
🍏permaculture 🍏sociocracy 🍏webdesign 🍏ecodesign 🍏social economy 🍏deep ecology and many more.

The event was co-financed by Erasmus+ and organized by Ananda Marga.

This is how the participants felt, including those from Romania:

…We spent time with trees

Connecting with nature being free

We spent some time in peace

Dancing and drifting as a leaf

We danced to our body’s delight

Following our vibrations inside

But now comes the time

The time to say goodbye.

The memory of this place will remain

In our hearts and our brains

The experience we shared together

Will be mine and yours forever…

…to be continued

You can browse the event structure and agenda here.

Stay with AMURTEL Bio Garden to participate in future similar projects.

Thank you!

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