CSA partnerships – a sensible and easy solution

As supermarkets feel risky, having bio vegetables delivered to your door makes a lot of sense!


As the pandemic continues to keep many of us at home, and we are minimizing trips to shops to the bare minimum in order to avoid our risks of exposure,  many consumers are interested in finding solutions for having bio vegetables delivered directly to their homes.  It is so much less stressful than having to be worried about whether or not someone with Covid may have touched the shopping cart, the money, the items on the shelves.

At the same time, the pandemic is showing us how fragile the complex logistics of bringing imported fruits and vegetables to us from thousands of miles away can be.   The economic impacts of the shutdown are going to be reverberating for months, interrupting food supply chains that we normally take for granted.  This is the most strategic moment for consumers to directly invest in resilient local “short supply chains” for their food security.  The most direct way to do this is to join a community-supported agriculture initiative like Gradina Bio AMURTEL.

When you join a CSA, you aren’t just a client – you are a member and an important stakeholder in the farm.  The personal, reciprocal, and equitable relationship between the producer and members brings back humanity into our experience as consumers.   You get to follow the ups and downs of nature – share in the bounties of abundant harvests,  celebrate the arrival of rains during a drought, and worry about colorado bugs.

However,  membership in a CSA is limited to the size of the land cultivated, so that there is enough to share with all of the members.  In Gradina Bio AMURTEL, we can sustain up to a maximum of 38 baskets, of which, three go to the AMURTEL Family Children’s Home every week, offering the eleven children growing up there a share of fresh vegetables too.  Currently, there are only 10 more places left in the partnership for new members – so don’t miss out on your chance to support your local, organic CSA delivering to Bucharest and Buzau – Gradina Bio AMURTEL!


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