Bio Basket Deliveries starting on April 29th after extra challenges

With the state of emergency due to COVID, it has been a real challenge to sort out how to bring your vegetable baskets to Bucharest, and keep everyone safe. This is why it has taken me longer to launch the season than usual.  Our driver, Nicusor, is also one of the caregivers at our AMURTEL Family children’s home, and so we needed to find an option that would not expose the children in our care indirectly to potential infection.  We investigated various solutions for delivery so that he would only need to deliver to one point, however even that fell apart when last week we discovered that all staff, including Nicusor would need to stay in quarantine 14 days with the children, and then 14 days at home.

In the end, we will be hiring a driver in Bucharest to go weekly to the farm and then come back with the vegetables and do the delivery.

It would be an enormous help to concentrate the deliveries in as few points as possible, so we would be very grateful if you could sign up together with neighbours, to make the delivery feasible in a day, ensuring that the vegetables are safe.

For this reason, we will be sticking to a route that covers the areas where we have the most clients already – in the North of Bucharest (Otopeni, Voluntari, Pipera, Parcul Bazilescu) the center of Bucharest at Vanfruct, and the Tineretului / Mihai Bravu area.  We may not be able to deliver to clients that are off this established route.

We will also be collaborating with Legume de Tara, who have offered to deliver AMURTEL baskets for free for those clients that order a minimum of 100 RON of products from their website, which includes cheeses, miere, prepared foods, bread, pastry etc.  This can help to simplify your shopping and the transportation costs involved with online shopping.  I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity!

cristina workingIn the meantime, Cristina and Daniela have been busy caring for the seedlings, salads and planting the whole garden for the season. That end is on track as usual!  The weather has been cool in the evenings this spring, which means that we are anticipating the first delivery to start on April 29th.  A bit concerned that there will be a (hopefully last) blast of cold this week, hopefully it leaves our crops untouched.

Thank you for your solidarity!

Didi (president of AMURTEL Romania)[:]

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